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View my guide in renting you a home.

Start by Asking Questions

When renting in NYC, preparation is key. The process is a fast one. So before the search starts, feel free to ask any and all questions about neighborhoods, building types, transportation access, what’s included and what’s not. This way, Corcoran independent agents can assure that they’ve customized the search to one you’re happy with.

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Prioritize your wants and needs.

Work with your agent to determine what is important in your new home. The 3 largest variables are size, location and price. From there, you can discuss other features such as views or building amenities.

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Discuss your financial situation.

If you know what your budget is, before you head out, you’ll save time and energy.

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Start your search 30-60 days ahead of time.

If you search too soon or too late, then you may not see the best available inventory.

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Have your monies ready.

If you find a place you like, it’s best to make a financial commitment immediately.

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