When Business IS Personal: an Upper West Side Story

This Business IS personal. Sometimes a client becomes a friend, and sometimes a friend becomes a client, but when the client is the parent(s) of a friend, and the property is the same location or 2 floors down from where you used to play video games 20+ years ago, things definitely get personal, in that you want to go above and beyond to find the best situation for all involved.

In this case, a beautiful outdoor space got the Brighter Touch with some Perennials, a professional floorplan, and photo shoot. The description was both lyrical and visual to invite fantasies of living in the space, while accurately portraying the reality.

After showing to literally 10 sets of clients who needed a different layout, move-in date, or location, I had lost no faith of the quality of the property and realized that it would just be a matter of time. The next tenant that came was perfect: quiet, polite, professional, responsible, scholarly, creative, global… You see when your friend’s parents (the client) live on-site, you want to make sure that the tenant is a good energetic fit and not simply a suitable arrangement of numerical symbols on a page.

Owners were excited about the tenant’s decisiveness when they put a $500 deposit to take the apartment off of the market. Owner and tenant were introduced at the lease signing… originally we had discussed setting up a short informal interview as part of the application process, but a tenant cover letter and my gut feeling did away with the need for that.

The 15 minute application became a 1 hour conversation about life, death, film, essays, ice cream cereal and spiced lemonade. A procedural interview became an existential introduction, a Saturday Morning Ritual as comfortable as cartoons and PJ’s, punctuated with leases and lemonade, where all parties involved left happy, excited for the future.

List Brighter, LIVE BRIGHTER,


Source: Peter-Charles Bright NYC Real Estate Broker – KWNYC

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