Upper West Side, Neighborhood Gem Alert. Outdoor Seating.

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So many things to love.  PC approved cafe seating, that doesn’t feel like you are 1 gesture away from hailing a cab.  A convenient and generous Happy Hour Menu.  Humidity Killing Frozen Margaritas.  Sufficient interior AC to cool you down without giving you pneumonia…

When showing my UWS garden apartment rental  during the dog days of summer, once after lugging plants via UBER XL from a greenery in Brooklyn and shooting the unit with my preferred photographer, and another time when I sweat a Superman shaped seal through my shirt after swooping from East Harlem to another greenery in Harlem before landing West, I had the pleasure of finding this refreshing oasis.

The mini frozen margarita is exactly what you need for a post noon, pre happy hour pick me up, and the goblet sized Happy Hour Beer, is enough to drown a day of drudgery and prepare for a night of revelry.  Food is also good, but most importantly, there is a positive energy, a neighborhood vibe, and a level of comfort that doesn’t come from a fancy chef or architect, but rather authenticity.  This is the hallmark of NYC, the neighborhood spots that may not get Michelin stars but will be in business for years, serving as the backdrop for the memories of their clientele without chasing celebs, trends, or bloated dinner tickets.

Check em out.  They do a good job of tooting their own horn.

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