If you’re on this site chances are that you are a past client, close friend or benevolent internet stalker with amazing taste.  In any case, WELCOME, this is the new Brighter2.0, a real estate portal that aims to be your one stop shop for Lifestyle and Real Estate Updates, where you can find an apartment, a bar close by, an outfit for your first date, a cool spot for dinner, and a bigger apartment once you decide to move in with your new boo, and most importantly facilitate your introduction to this Harvard Educated, globe trotting, nightlife veteran, and 14+ year NYC real estate broker who will lead you to the promised land of your choosing.  Even if it is in Queens.

The goal is to pull relevant content from other sites, add my 2 cents, include my musings, observations, and proclamations bedazzle that content with some geo-tagged goodness and provide that type of one stop “shoppiness” only promised by Santa’s Elves, and Amazon Drones.  On this site, you will be able to locate flash sales on clothing (discount luxury), nightlife excursions worth 3-4 hours of your weekend and $40-70 of your post FICA check, restaurants worth the 15% tip, and of course apartments worth the fee, that you will enjoy calling home, where you will stay until you out grow them like your favorite pair of jeans.

I want to grow my existing customer base, and expand my existing reach by putting up this digital beacon and letting people know that a true Real Estate Agent deals with more than just Dollars and Square Feet, but Neighborhoods and Knowledge, People and Parks, Rooftop bars and Restaurants with fireplaces.  You may not rent an apartment every year, but you will have a reason to come back to this site, it will add value to your life, at very least in consolidating the myriad offerings related to NYC Life into one portal allowing you to LIVE BRIGHTER, and hopefully look me up when it is time for you to expand into a larger, more luxurious, differently laid out shell.  (Hermit Crab metaphor).

Oh yeah, i’m funnier in short format blog posts, and I can hit you with more frequent touches than my Quarterly? Newsletter.

Best Regards.

Peter-Charles (Yes that is one First name) Bright

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