November Brighter Report: Let's Talk Turkey

November 26, 2020

The energy of the number 9 represents completion, but not finality.

November.  What's in a Name?
So I gotta admit.  I was tempted to phone it in and just do a Happy Thanksgiving post, but I will give you something to chew on as you inhale root vegetables.  

NOVE- 9.  Also New.  November.  11.  Weird.  Something is off.  9 is not 11, so there is a gap between accepted perception and reality at present moment.  Whether that relates to the Trump transition, the slated Biden Cabinet, NYC Real Estate, or simply calendrical nomenclature is a matter of subjective interpretation. 

What is clear, or at least a more universally acceptable interpretation is that 9 <Nove(m)> represents New(ness) or almost completion as in 9 out of 10, with 10 being completion or perfection. states "The energy of the number 9 represents completion, but not finality. Think of it more in a cyclical sense; it's about the ending of one cycle and the potential it creates for another cycle to begin. The 9 in Numerology acts as an usher in this process of transition or transformation, guiding and empowering us with its wisdom. It absorbs answers from a spiritual source, then delivers them to us in the real world."

Suffice it to say, we are at a turning point.  If you are not in a position to make a move at this time, relative to the market, then it is still an appropriate time for reflection. 

Intelligent data points to the fact that we have hit the bottom of the market in terms of pricing and activity is picking up, this does not speak to foreclosures or specific situations, and there can be no true blanket analysis for the country that will affect NYC, or for NYC that will affect Bronx and Queens, Manhattan coop, Brooklyn Townhouse and LIC condo equally.
So no charts or videoclips.  Just lead-in blurb, pandemic productivity report, listed property, upcoming property, and some heartfelt gratitude for letting me be a part of your property search.
BRIGHTER Quarantine Performance REPORT

Three 2 bed rentals, (Bedford Stuyvesant),
One Condo 1 Bed in contract, (Fort Greene), 720k,
One Co-op Studio in contract. (Greenwich Village), 520k,

One Co-op 1 Bed Listed.  (Gramercy),  575k,
Live and currently on market, check out the custom landing page I built.

One Single Fam referral   (Bronx) , 455k

1 loft condop ,2 bed 2 bath for rent Coming Soon (Flatiron) $6495,
One Co-op 2 bed 1.5 bath 16' Ceiling Coming Soon (Park Slope) $1.25M.

I do hurr, rentals, sales, referrals, retail, office space, vacation property, investment property, you name it. 
For each transaction I not only search for properties within the expressed criteria, but learn the movements of the market in adjacent neighborhoods and property types as part of the process.  

Pls let me know how I can be of service. 
If I can't personally assist you, I will make sure you are in the best hands possible.

Peter-Charles Bright
347 873-0616
Satta Massagana!!

I am thankful that I have had a productive year despite setbacks and challenges, and extremely thankful for the additional time I got to spend with my daughter.  As I remarked to a past client via text, even though it may have been and/or continues to be an inconvenience, or at least a challenge in need of resolution, childcare during WFH has probably created more face time between parents and children than has been seen since the 50's. 

At this point, I barely remember the preCOVID days of dropping my daughter off at 9:30 and picking her up at 5:30.  I do remember morning ferries to waterfront parks, late summer and early fall spent searching for friends and acorns, walking/riding/scooting to the playgrounds. 

Recently it's been fighting fatigue to be present from 730 am for both family and clients, deflecting in-person showings until afternoon shift, commuting to office to handle paperwork and marketing, sunset at 4:30, which has never hit so hard, back to ferry/train in time for Dinner/bathtime, then extended bedtime routine, followed by some final client followup between 10 and 11:11.

I traded maybe 3-4 precovid hours with my daughter for 6-8 hours during pandemic, and consolidated my scattered work day into a 4-6 hour afternoon. Most days are 2 in 1's, daddy duty morning shift, with broker duty in the afternoon, but I am thankful and fully appreciative that while we all have our own challenges and, for some, struggles. we will be all able to start again, anew.

Gonna keep it light below, but still more than a simple Happy Thanksgiving to You, although I do hope you safely enjoy time with your family and/or friends. 

Thanks in advance for your business.

Live Brighter!

So I'm creative, but I'm not a talented web designer (by trade). Above is a mockup of my landing page for 82 Irving Place, apt 2B. 575k

This listing had been sitting on the market for 6 months with relatively low activity, granted it was in the middle of the pandemic, but other deals were being done.  Once that listing expired, I got the opportunity to apply the Brighter Approach.  We accentuate the positive with honest portrayal of the property, in order to attract the attention of interested paties, rather than pretending to be something we are not to attract people who are ultimately interested in something else.

The apartment isn't huge, but is spacious.  It does not have a great view, but it is in an amazing location.  It is renovated/turn-key, priced for a quick sale, and has low monthlies.  You could get a modern building withmore amenities in Bushwick, for example, but Bushwick is no Gramercy.  When I started real estate, we used to say the neighborhood is your living room, especially when showing recent college grads in the East Village.   

Well, this apartment is affordable in a prime location.  Close to tranportation, entertainment, parks, offering a seamless commute to work and play.  But then again, you could just click the links and read for yourself. ;)

Syncs with Facebook Ad, Links to KWNYC AD, KW Command, and Streeteasy.

Featured Listing, also syndicated thru OLR/RealtyMX to various aggregator sites.

Syncs with KWCommand.
82 Irving Place, 2B 
1 bed 1 bath Co-op
$575,000, maintenance $1050
This coop 1 bed property is renovated, the bedroom is large enough to accomodate a Queen Sized Bed, the living room can fit a Sectional Couch with room to spare and there is laundry in the basement.  Most importantly, it is a 1 bed in the heart of Manhattan for under 600k. 

While you do not get a key to Gramercy Park, and the unit does not face the street, these features would cost you an additional 175-500k, for the same space.  Location matters. 

Turnkey, move-in ready 1 bedroom in the heart of downtown Manhattan, enabling you to walk to work, and/or simply enjoy the amenities of one of the oldest neighborhoods in NYC. Gramercy Park.  Union Square Park.  Madison Square Park.  Barbounia.  Casa Mono.  Pete's Tavern.  L'Express.  Within 5 blocks. 
2 bed 1.5 bath Co-op
$1.25M.  Ultra Low Maintenance. 
16' ceilings.  3 Lofted areas.  1000sf.
(Prime Park Slope, BK)
The unit has a private entrance to the street and private outdoor space between the unit and the street.
The building has ultra low maintenance and no underlying mortgage.  The co-op has a common roof deck as well.  In addition to no mortgage, the building has rental income from a dentist's office on a long term lease.  

There are 2 proper bedrooms: one currently serves as the primary and is across from the full bath. The second bedroom has a walk-in closet and an enclosed lofted space above that is used as a study/office with a desk.  The full bath is ADA compliant and has a stall shower, no tub. There is a stacked washer/dryer in an optimal space within this bathroom. 

The main living space has space for a 6-8 seat dining table, currently has a 6' couch and 2 normal sized armchairs.   The kitchen has a bertazzoni range, which vents out, Fisher Paykal Fridge/Freezer, and a Bosch (i believe) Dishwasher. The cabinets are a muted grey lacquer, fairly neutral. There is also a half bath as you walk into the space, finished in subway tile.

Above the Half Bath is a sleep/storage loft,  Above the full bath is another lofted area, that could also be a sleep/storage loft, but was once used by the owner as an office. This is definitely not a cookie cutter space, which is why the owner contacted me after reading my newsletter for 6 years!  It feels like a Grand Designs type of place, a labor of love that creates something unique and bespoke that has intrinsic value worthy of envy.  A great space for creatives.
1200SF 2 BED 2 BATH $6495 Condop
Images of a previously listed unit on a higher floor, same line. 
Split 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment located in this recently built cond-op off Fifth Avenue from renowned architect Hugh Hardy (Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park), offered complete with state of the art interior design and custom furnishings.

This North facing home gets amazing light through its wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and open layout. It also has amazing custom closet space, high ceilings, dark stained oak flooring, huge windowed master bath w/ white marble throughout & soaking tub + separate standing shower, washer/dryer, central A/C, CAT-5 wiring, and top of the line Sub-Zero and Meile appliances in the gourmet chef’s kitchen with island seating.

The building has a full time doorman, gym, 2500 sq. ft landscaped terrace space, on-site garage with direct building access,
How can I help you?
Buyers: 150k-15M. 
Sellers:  500k-5M. 
Renters: 1800-18k per month.   
Areas Served. 
All Manhattan.
All Brooklyn: accessible by train, 1 fare zones.
Queens: LIC/Astoria, Forest Hills, Jackson Heights
Bronx: accessible by train, 1 fare zones.

Property Types:
Rentals: Doorman, Walkup, Elevator, Loft, Townhouse
Sales: Condo, Coop, Condop, Townhouse/Brownstone
Commercial: Office Leasing, Retail Leasing, Investment Sales

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