December Brighter Report, Happy Holidays, See You in 2021!

December 21, 2020

Grateful for the closed deals, the lessons implicit in stalled searches.

Happy Holidays, Winter Solstice,
Great Conjunction and Adios 2020.

This is gonna be another "short" one. Hopefully, you are able to consolidate vacation days to quarantine sans zoom with family, egg nog, and your spirit of choice. Religious or Alcohol based.

Last month I pointed out the 9 in November despite being the 11th. Well December is 10. Even though we hold on to the 12 root with inches, we retain the decimal system and 10-based systems for almost everything else. After 10, we start again. So it is with an air of finality and circumspect that we can celebrate 10cember, even if we don't normally get to the year in review part until our photo apps and social media prompt us in the week following Christmas.

To be clear, the Perfection we see in the number 10 means completion in terms of finality and transition to a new beginning marked by independence and manifestation of self within the context of others. WHOA.

As the year ends, we spend time with family/friends, thinking about our selves in an absent-minded way, not yet in the focussed New Year's resolution type of way, because we don't think of a new beginning until an explicit 1 arrives again. But 1 is implicit in 10, numerologically speaking, so if your mind wanders reflexively, embrace it and treat yourself, materially, spiritually, psychologically, and yes you can eat a bit more too. ;)

The flower of December is interestingly enough the Narcissus, I'll let you click the link to see how that could be relevant, but suffice it to say, treat yo'self RIGHT. Extra doesn't need to get excessive. Introspection doesn't need to become self flagellation or judgement. We can all do better, even if we are crushing it at work or dating or working on ourselves. The impulse to improve can also mean pumping the brakes, so stop to smell the Narcissus, but don't fall in the lake!

and pls do let me know if you are looking for real estate in 2021.


I am happy for satisfied clients, friends, and additional time spent with family.

Grateful for the closed deals, the lessons implicit installed searches, and the house hunts still in progress as they represent investments in relationship and future commission. ;)

I wish you all the best in the year to come and offer my services as an insightful, informed, and irreverent guide to your new home.

The picture above is from Luminocity, a festival on Randall's Island for those of you with kids or in search of something open-air and fantastic for yourselves. I was disappointed at first, while waiting in line, but then pretty geekily and quickly thrilled by about 15 minutes into the experience.

Click the pic above for a link. There was something inherently childlike and uniquely otherworldly, like living in a substance-free cartoonish fever dream. I recommend it, but I am also using it as a transition.

The Great Conjunction.
 Of course I can serve you market data and suggested monthly activities, but I like to add a little bit of what other's don't. So in addition to the monthly lead in and the new numerological mixup. #flowerofthemonth. I'm going to ask you to look up to the sky tonight, and see what has been referred to as the Christmas Star. For those of you in my DM's on IG, or direct contact on whatsapp, you may have already heard me reference this.

Here's an excerpt from

"We call it a "great" conjunction because to ancient skywatchers, these were the two slowest moving planets in the sky. Jupiter takes nearly 12 years to describe a full circle in the heavens, spending a year visiting each zodiacal sign in the sky, while Saturn takes 29.5 years to make one full trip around the sun. Because of their respective slow movement, a conjunction or — to the ancients — a "celestial summit meeting," was rather unusual. Such get-togethers happen, in most cases, about every 20 years on average. 

Usually when Jupiter and Saturn line up they are separated by about one degree, or twice the apparent diameter of the moon.

But on Dec. 21, we see Jupiter and Saturn separated by just 6 arc minutes. That's equal to 0.1 degrees or about one-fifth the apparent width of the moon. Contrary to what other websites suggest, this will probably not be close enough to make the planets appear to merge into a single bright star (although some might see that if they remove their eye glasses). But in any case, it will be something exceedingly rare to see.

How often do these two planets come as close as that? Some websites say it has been nearly 400 years, while others say it's been almost 800 years. Indeed, the last time these two planets appeared so close was on July 16, 1623, when they were only 5 arc minutes apart — that's actually 397 years ago."

The memes are funny. The Apocalyptic Age of Aquarius references may be too much for most to nibble on, much less digest, but man is part of nature, and Earth is part of a larger cosmos.

How the two interact and affect each other can be interpreted in many different ways by many different schools of thought. Click the link for a write up from a friend of a friend and a popular astrologer. Sam Reynolds

This is really only for those who are interested in Astrology and more ethereal (hippie, mumbo jumbo, occult) info. I am interested in stuff like this, so I'm sharing.

No it doesn't mean overnight miraculous change in your personal and professional life, but it is worth noting that not only does this fall on Winter Solstice, and the end of a tumultuous 2020, but seems to be ushering in more than just a new year, a new president, and new challenges for the world.

Since this is intensely personal and not really real estate related, i'm gonna leave you with a fairly innocuous video if you'd like to learn more, more astronomical than astrological. For me, i'm gonna try to catch a glimpse on the ferry ride home.


BRIGHTER Quarantine Performance REPORT

Three 2 bed rentals, (Bedford Stuyvesant),
One Condo 1 Bed in contract, (Fort Greene), 720k,

One Co-op 1 Bed Listed. (Gramercy), 575k,
Live and currently on market, check out the custom landing page I built.

One Single Fam referral  (Bronx) , 455k

1 loft condop ,2 bed 2 bath for rent Coming Soon (Flatiron) $6495,
One Co-op 2 bed 1.5 bath 16' Ceiling Coming Soon (Park Slope) $1.25M.

I do hurr, rentals, sales, referrals, retail, office space, vacation property, investment property, you name it. 
For each transaction I not only search for properties within the expressed criteria, but learn the movements of the market in adjacent neighborhoods and property types as part of the process.

Pls let me know how I can be of service. 
If I can't personally assist you, I will make sure you are in the best hands possible.

Peter-Charles Bright
347 873-0616
82 Irving Place, 2B 
1 bed 1 bath Co-op
$575,000, maintenance $1050
This coop 1 bed property is renovated, the bedroom is large enough to accomodate a Queen Sized Bed, the living room can fit a Sectional Couch with room to spare and there is laundry in the basement. Most importantly, it is a 1 bed in the heart of Manhattan for under 600k. 

While you do not get a key to Gramercy Park, and the unit does not face the street, these features would cost you an additional 175-500k, for the same space. Location matters. 

Turnkey, move-in ready 1 bedroom in the heart of downtown Manhattan, enabling you to walk to work, and/or simply enjoy the amenities of one of the oldest neighborhoods in NYC. Gramercy Park. Union Square Park. Madison Square Park. Barbounia. Casa Mono. Pete's Tavern. L'Express. Within 5 blocks.

In other less esoteric news, KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region and Project Destined (PD) are joining forces to empower a new generation of leaders in real estate, transforming Black and minority youth into owners and stakeholders in the communities in which they live, work and play.

Together, we are building a work-based education platform that provides a pathway to (home)ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth creation, by removing barriers to become a real estate professional and empowering students with the skills, confidence, experiences and network to launch their careers and a life as changemakers in their community.

In its pilot launch, the KW x PD partnership will provide 60 students, over three years, with:

-  TRAINING - 40+ hours of training in financial literacy, entrepreneurship and real estate

-  NETWORKING - culled from agent participation: (1) as instructors for the live learning component; (2) as dedicated mentors for students; (3) as speakers for the Executive Speaker series; and (4) as judges for the weekly competitions

-  EXPERIENCE - in pitching a live KW deal to KW professionals

-  FUNDING - to take the state pre-licensure course in residential real estate, upon completion of KW x PD program

-  ACCESS - to KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region market centers and renowned training to launch their careers as KW NY Tri-State/Manhattan Region real estate professionals

Donations, if you are so inclined, are tax deductible.

We cannot change the history of America, but this is our chance to alter its trajectory in a way that builds equity and opportunity in a real and tangible way. Won’t you join us in the endeavor?

2 bed 1.5 bath Co-op
$1.25M. Ultra Low Maintenance. 
16' ceilings. 3 Lofted areas. 1000sf.
(Prime Park Slope, BK)
The unit has a private entrance to the street and private outdoor space between the unit and the street.
The building has ultra low maintenance and no underlying mortgage. The co-op has a common roof deck as well. In addition to no mortgage, the building has rental income from a dentist's office on a long term lease.

There are 2 proper bedrooms: one currently serves as the primary and is across from the full bath. The second bedroom has a walk-in closet and an enclosed lofted space above that is used as a study/office with a desk. The full bath is ADA compliant and has a stall shower, no tub. There is a stacked washer/dryer in an optimal space within this bathroom. 

The main living space has space for a 6-8 seat dining table, currently has a 6' couch and 2 normal sized armchairs.  The kitchen has a bertazzoni range, which vents out, Fisher Paykal Fridge/Freezer, and a Bosch (i believe) Dishwasher. The cabinets are a muted grey lacquer, fairly neutral. There is also a half bath as you walk into the space, finished in subway tile.

Above the Half Bath is a sleep/storage loft, Above the full bath is another lofted area, that could also be a sleep/storage loft, but was once used by the owner as an office. This is definitely not a cookie cutter space, which is why the owner contacted me after reading my newsletter for 6 years! It feels like a Grand Designs type of place, a labor of love that creates something unique and bespoke that has intrinsic value worthy of envy. A great space for creatives.
1200SF 2 BED 2 BATH $6495 Condop
Images of a previously listed unit on a higher floor, same line. 

Split 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment located in this recently built cond-op off Fifth Avenue from renowned architect Hugh Hardy (Radio City Music Hall, Bryant Park), offered complete with state of the art interior design and custom furnishings.

This North facing home gets amazing light through its wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and open layout. It also has amazing custom closet space, high ceilings, dark stained oak flooring, huge windowed master bath w/ white marble throughout & soaking tub + separate standing shower, washer/dryer, central A/C, CAT-5 wiring, and top of the line Sub-Zero and Meile appliances in the gourmet chef’s kitchen with island seating.

The building has a full time doorman, gym, 2500 sq. ft landscaped terrace space, on-site garage with direct building access.

How can I help you?
Buyers: 150k-15M. 
Sellers: 500k-5M. 
Renters: 1800-18k per month.  
Areas Served. 
All Manhattan.
All Brooklyn: accessible by train, 1 fare zones.
Queens: LIC/Astoria, Forest Hills, Jackson Heights
Bronx: accessible by train, 1 fare zones.

Property Types:
Rentals: Doorman, Walkup, Elevator, Loft, Townhouse
Sales: Condo, Coop, Condop, Townhouse/Brownstone
Commercial: Office Leasing, Retail Leasing, Investment Sales

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