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Peter-Charles Bright

2018 Platinum Circle Awardee

379 Broadway

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(347) 873-0616

Peter-Charles (P-C) attributes his success as a top producing Real Estate Salesperson to a combination of prophetic vision, pointed communication, and experiential knowledge. With respect to client investment goals and life planning, he is able to see beyond current market reports and wishlists to accommodate the demographic trends of the future based on a blend of rational logic and emotional extrapolation.

This combination of vision, awareness and care is the core of the Brighter Brand.

Born in Brooklyn, Peter-Charles has integrated over 3 decades of experience into his DNA, both as a personal witness and as a professional contributor to the constant sharktooth evolution that is cultural renewal and community development in NYC. Having attended elementary school in Murray Hill, the Prep for Prep program at The Trinity School on the Upper West Side, and The Buckley School on the Upper East Side, his personal educational path has resulted in an encyclopedic knowledge of neighborhoods, professionally complemented by over a decade working as a broker dealing with various property types along all train lines.

Peter-Charles works strategically and efficiently, in a manner to be expected from an individual with a foundation cemented in educational excellence.

Peter-Charles left the city for Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, where he developed his poetic voice and gained fluency in French. He graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 2003, where he was extremely active with community service, student leadership, and performing arts. Originally interested in studying International Relations, P-C was more interested in cultural knowledge and exchange than politics and governance, and received his bachelor’s degree in Afro-American Studies.

Peter-Charles applies a blended approach to a housing search, combining a respect for hard numbers with an empathetic understanding of softer criteria, all focused through the lens of ultimate user experience with respect to both.

As an agent, Peter-Charles views himself as an investment advisor and cultural ambassador more than a salesperson; a professional who prioritizes value over volume.

Social, observant, and intuitive by nature Peter-Charles easily relates to a wide variety of people; quickly understanding the needs of his clients, he prescribes only the best options, marrying their personal search criteria to existing product inventory with respect to established market trends. Additionally, P-C has a keen ability to consolidate scattered ideas into concrete plans of action; demystifying the home search process by deconstructing perceived problems into manageable issues.

Peter-Charles understands product, process, and protocol but most importantly people.

Peter-Charles possesses a high City IQ having travelled extensively; visiting over 10 countries including extended periods lived abroad in France, Senegal, and Sweden.
He enjoys expanding the horizons of New York based investors and end users while granting foreign investors an authentic insight to their slice of the Big Apple.
P-C lives in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.